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Beautiful Coron 🥰


Wherever life plants you... bloom with grace.


I miss hearing this old song & since the new normal as of the moment is “do it yourself” where massage 💆‍♀️establishments are closed due to Covid🦠19. ————Research # 224 on my blog Evidence Based Conclusion: Overall, it was determined that the effects of foam rolling on performance and recovery are rather MINOR and partly negligible, but can be relevant in some cases (e.g., to increase sprint performance and flexibility or to reduce muscle pain sensation). Evidence seems to justify the widespread use of foam rolling as a warm-up activity rather than a recovery tool. ————————- Link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6465761/ ————————- Practical Application to Fitness Training: Very short term effects (10-20 minutes) only on increase of range of motion so the longer lasting effects to increase movement is stretching that’s why the research scientist after decades of study states that foam rolling is not used for recovery (last only for a few minutes instead of hours/days compared to other options like strengthening (last for weeks-months) and stretching (last for hours-few days). Foam roll does NOT directly improve sports performance but indirectly improves it as the range of movement (longer stride length & flexibility for sports task) thus improves temporarily our sport activity. ————————- In terms of pain management foam roll for a few minutes will decrease the pain but not remove the injury/pain; the analogy is like a band aid treatment just covering up the damage but not resolving it that’s possible via muscle tone change temporarily and not permanently (neurophysiologic change).


Tapa for lunch! 😁 No sinangag at egg muna, nalate ako ng gising haha! Gutom na sila. Hehe Tapa (Pork) #something_pinoy_ph #porktapa #tapa #porkforlunch #pork #friedpork


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