Look what we are riding in. Trees!!!! We have seen trees in so long. #familyportrait #percheron #painthorse #scootbootsdownunder #scootboots #trailriders #mountainlife


In hibernation for the next 8 months.... ☹️



We are offering room for living quarters or campers. Large private ranch with 100s of miles of trail. The bear lodge mountains are a 20 min drive away. Rental trailers available! Big rig accessible. Electric and water and a place. Located in north east Wyoming near Sundance. #houstoncreekranch #trailriding #trailriders #blackhills #horsecamping #horsecamp #roadapples #ranchvacation #camping #horsetrail


I know that the quality of the video isn’t the best because my phone has been dropped about a million times in mud and What not 😅 BUT!! Im super happy about This little moment because both of them laid down at the same time and rolled at the same time , got up at the same time and started shaking at the same time and theeeeen .... they started playing 😍🙏🏽🤗 This is super normal for Hinto. He plays all the time. That’s all he does actually but for Hawk this is a big deal. It might look aggressive but That’s how horses play. ☺️ When Hawk came to me he didn’t know what playing was and snuggles was a foreign concept... I’m happy to see him loosening up from his “leader horsenality” and feeling like he constantly is on duty👮🏽‍♂️ He is a happy boy now and that’s all that matters to me. 💛 Swipe to see video of how he used to live (you can hear the old owner in the background talk about how crazy he was and would spook at fly spray... and me just ignoring whatever she said and kept on socializing with Hawk 🤣 I still don’t know what these people was on about🤣?!)


Who owned a Wildcat back in the day or still has one now? . . 📸: @ninabiancaphoto . . DM us pics and videos of your sleds to get featured!📥 . . Follow @back_country_cats for snowmobile/ Arctic Cat content! 🔥❄️ . Online store link in bio! #arcticcat #TeamArctic #Textron #backcountrycats #snowpro #puremichigan #michigan #snowmobiles #sledheadzzz #braap #snowmobiling #snow #rip #turbo #snowday #greatlakesstate #blackcats #snowmobile #mountaincat #trailriders #tuckerhibbert #motorsports #textron #xgames #countrycat #foxsports #snocross #zr #riot #sabercat


Six feet apart is a normal thing for some equestrians cuz if you don’t, things get kicked. #socialdistancing #equineettiquette #staysafe #horsegirls #trailriders


➡️Swipe My grandpa taught the king how to ride Horses in Romania🇷🇴 He was probably the only brown person Working that close to royal blood. He not only taught him How to ride, he was his to go to horse person & trainer. There are good stories and terrible stories about my Grandpa. He was very damaged from the 1st World War. He fought the war on a horse with a sword. At 18 years old and it damaged him in a lot of ways. It was probably better that I never met him. I, however got obsessed with him because I was being bullied in school for not being blond & blue eyed & my name wasn’t “Anderson” or “svensson” but ..Saidac. Which means “welder of arrows ,sword welder” 🙃 you can probably guess where it’s from 😉 So he was the source to why I didn’t look like the other kids & therefore I wanted to do everything he did with horses. Every picture I could find Of him on a horse I studied. If you swipe & look at the pick of him, notice how his rains are almost slacking and he is not pulling on the horses mouth. He was such a elegant rider. I studied him vigorously. I looked at his seat. I looked at how he held the reins. I looked at how beautifully brown he was and how proud he looked. I studied how he carried himself with the straightest back I ever seen, I looked at what the horses looked like. I was his student but he wasn’t alive. One day I found his polo mallets in our garage and I couldn’t comprehend what it was. Riding dressage and jumping wasn’t my thing. I was already into the crazy horses that needed help. You could throw me on just about anything and I accepted the challenge (I was about 10-11 years old) I brought the mallets to my dad and he said “those are your grandpas. It’s polo mallets. They would play it in the war to maintain the horses” 🤯 “polo? What is that?” My dad responded “It’s a ball game on a horse” Even more 🤯😍 “Wait? Ball sport, team game?, on a horse? No more mean girls in the barn ?😍🤯” Haha & on that road I went. As awful as my grandpa might have been in real life. I have his DNA and his DNA always made sure I carried on being horse people in our family & I’m proud of that. I carry us loud & proud. Latcho drom Tati!🔮🧿💫


Tag a friend who’s always stuck! . . 📸: @braydon_hayward4062 . . DM us pics and videos of your sleds to get featured!📥 . . Follow @back_country_cats for snowmobile/ Arctic Cat content! 🔥❄️ . Online store link in bio! #arcticcat #TeamArctic #Textron #backcountrycats #snowpro #puremichigan #michigan #snowmobiles #sledheadzzz #braap #snowmobiling #snow #rip #turbo #snowday #greatlakesstate #blackcats #snowmobile #mountaincat #trailriders #tuckerhibbert #motorsports #textron #xgames #countrycat #foxsports #snocross #zr #riot #sabercat


Snowboarding, my mountain meditation 🧡 🏂 This mountain perspective calls me, deeply. Nature’s water and wind elements so crisp & clear. 🏂 The SOUND of my snowboard sliding and riding along the snow is what captivates me most. That sound is soothing and energising all at once. 🏂 Once I got my skills, balance & equilibrium sorted, I could put more of my attention on that sound👂 🏂 It’s incredibly informative. I could tell how groomed the snow was, or not. I could tell how many other skiers and snowboarders had been on the run already. Was it crisp & sharp sounding? Or soft and smooth sounding? 🏂 It gave me feedback on how the edges and flat of my board were working in my favour, or not! 🏂 Was my edge digging in too hard? It warned me I’d be closer to catching an edge than not and risking a face plant in the snow!! 🏂 Alternatively, was the flat underbelly of my board taking over my ride & acting solo, OR, was it balanced movement that I could hear the sound of flat-edge-flat-edge? 🏂 The former meant picking up too much speed and risking losing control. At least until I developed more skill. The latter meant I was in harmony with my board, with the mountain snow-terrain and therefore with ME. I was integrating my experience 🏞 🏂 A mountain meditation I still enjoy as much as I can. An active way I do a “service and tune” on my higher, rooftop perspective. 🏂 Mother Nature dials me in because her terrain and snow fall are different every time and each day I strap in to the board ☀️🏞 🏂 What’s your active meditation that helps you keep perspective? At home or going somewhere, that’s unique to you 😍🤙 I’d love to learn about how you do it 🏂😊 #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #distinctleader #mountainlife


I do have a life outside of lifting. 😜 Quality time with my boy. Should of been riding the desert 100 today; but we tore up the property going off our own trails instead. 👊🏼✊🏼🏁 #byeprettygrass #quarantineandridine


Our horses give us wings to fly! #freedom #freshair #outside #horses #horselovers #trailriders #SoFlo


It never sat right with me when I played polo how we trained the horses. I always drove my trainers nuts with questions “but why the whip?🤔” “Can’t you make them run faster because they want to run faster?🤔” “Can I try and play this game without a bit?😁” My poor trainer would wipe his sweat off his forehead trying to answer all my questions: “sandritaaaaa you can’t do that 🤦🏾” he would say 🤣 Sometimes .. quite often I would burst out: “It’s not a machine !!!!🤬” I have one vivid memory of me and my first trainer in Argentina 🇦🇷 got into a screaming match because he wanted me to keep pushing the horse and I felt from the core of my soul that the horse was done and it was wrong. I always put the horses well-being before scoring goals or becoming the best player. 🐎 He said “if you’re not doing what I’m saying you’re gonna jump off that horse right now!!” So I did. Threw my mallet in the ground too. Left the game with a mic drop🤣 all the boys stood there confused. (I was the only girl and youngest on the team.) It was also one of the reasons I left that world. For me it was more important to have a connection with the horse rather then the game🕺🏻🐎. 💫CONNECTION 💫always comes first in all with me. I know lots of people have raised eyebrows to me and 🦋Hinto🦋 because I let him take his sweet time to develop and for me the biggest thing have been to keep his character and playfulness intact☺️ I also had two years out of commission because of a severe head injury from Hinto. And I honestly don’t care what people think about my methods. I don’t think about other people’s methods at all or what they are doing with their horses. I’m just minding my own business trying to fit the needs of the horse I’m with. And that my friends is why Hinto is the funniest dude on the planet 🤣🕺🏻☺️🦋


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